Lasara Jarvis is a yoga and dance fitness instructor, choreographer, movement artist and total body nerd. With a wealth of movement experience, Lasara incorporates elements from many movement methodologies into her teaching. Her classes are unorthodox and inclusive. Students gain insight into their own head trips while becoming strong, flexible, and present. Lasara brings down-to-earth warmth and humor to her teaching, encouraging participants to laugh, risk and not hate on anybody. She is deeply committed to illuminating the system of yoga as being compatible with our modern urban lives as well as emboldening everyone to rock their dancing bodies.

Lasara attended an arts-based high school which required her to teach regular classes as a part of her own education. She has been teaching one thing or another since she was 13 years old, and this lucky experience has bred in her a natural, instinctive presence in the classroom. Lasara received her 200 hour certification through 8 Limbs Yoga Centers and holds a BFA in Dance from Cornish College of the Arts. She is inspired by teachers from all traditions including: Sally Carley, Jenny Hayo, Beth Award, Miguel Gutierrez, Pina Bausch, Bill T. Jones and Sol Alberione.

Student Testimonials

“Her acceptance of me and my idiosyncrasies has helped me to be more accepting of myself and brought me to a place of greater peace in the world.”


“She packs an incredible workout into an hour full of energy, honesty, and charisma.”


“Lasara makes it easy for people to break out of their shell and feel comfortable in their own bodies (whatever the size, shape, ability). These things make a huge impact!”


“Giving me the chance to move my body AND blow off some steam, her classes are an essential part of my self-care plan!”


“Her gifts as a teacher and kind leadership abilities have tremendously impacted my life… Having Lasara as a teacher has been one of the hugest gifts.”


“Lasara’s energy is powerful and truly infectious. Her ability to help people let go of inhibitions and dance big has helped me and others achieve beyond just their fitness goals.”